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Maria Ingrande Mora

Maria Ingrande Mora is a content designer and a brunch enthusiast. Her love languages are snacks, queer joy, and live music. A graduate of the University of Florida, Maria lives near a wetlands preserve with two cats, two children, and two billion mosquitoes. She can often be found writing at her stand-up desk, surrounded by house plants. Unless the cats have destroyed them.

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Marie Navarro

Marie is the author of The FeyTerrah Series and The Magically Ever After Series. 

She writes fantasy adventure, fantasy romance, and visionary fiction novels. Marie also writes non-fiction pieces.

When she isn’t writing, Marie can be found traveling the country with her husband, working in her yard with her garden fairies, helping the neighbors in her community, or spoiling her grandchildren. She is a Reiki Master and Wedding Officiant who practices yoga. 

Ever since she wrote her first book as a class assignment in fourth grade, Marie knew she wanted to be an author.

Marie began her writing career with feature stories of community interest for local city newspapers, was a staff writer for a bilingual newspaper, served as a regional editor for a homeschooling newsletter, and was a contributing writer for a trucking magazine.

Inspired by a gorgeous moonlit night, while driving through the forests in Oregon, Marie began writing her first novel, A Bridge in the Forest. It turned into a three book series.

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Marie has lived in Mexico, Texas, and California. Along with her husband of over 35 years, she has made her home in Northern Nevada.  Find out more at https://www.feyterrah.com

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Kaela Rivera

Kaela Rivera was raised to believe in will-o’-the-wisps and el chupacabra, but even ghost stories couldn’t stop her from reading in the isolated treetops, caves, and creeks of Tennessee’s Appalachian forests.

She still believes in the folktales of her Mexican-American and British parents, but now she writes about them from the adventure-filled mountains of the Wild West. When she’s not crafting stories, she’s using her English degree from BYU-I as an editor for a marketing company (or secretly doodling her characters in the margins of her notebook). Her debut novel, Cece Rios and the Desert of Souls, comes out April 13, 2021.

Her biggest hope is to highlight and explore the beauty of cultural differences—and how sharing those differences can bring us all closer.  Find out more at https://www.kaelarivera.com

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Misako Rocks

Misako wanted to move to America since she was 11 after she got a crush on Michael J Fox in Back to the Future. At age 19, she won a scholarship to come to America as an exchange student.

Her first break came when The Onion decided to use her illustrations for their “Savage Love” column. Shortly after Misako scored a two-book deal with Hyperion and a three-book deal with Henry Holt. Her autobiographical comic, Rock and Roll Love was featured in Best Teens Book List by NYPL.

Outside of U.S., she has published four books in Japan. Her latest book “How to learn English with Misako’s method” became the bestseller in Japanese amazon.

She was selected as one of outstanding Japanese artists in NY and invited to meet Japanese Prime Minister Abe and the first lady. After that she started appearing on multiple Japanese TV and radio shows. Also, the BBC and NHK featured her in a documentary about her comic book life.

She has taught manga drawing classes at Metropolitan Museum and Brooklyn Cherry Blossom Festival and given many speeches in various schools all around the U.S.

Besides her book projects, she currently teaches Manga at The Chapin School in Upper East Side NYC.

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Manuel Ruiz

Manuel Ruiz is a life-long Texan with a passion for reading, video games and music. He works in IT, plays in an 80’s band, and owns way too many toys. He writes teen and adult fiction, usually with a supernatural twist, and loves to keep his readers on their toes.

Manuel lives in Central Texas with his family where he spends time giving the characters in his head something fun, dark, and interesting to do.  Find out more at https://manuelruiz3.com

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Loriel Ryon

Loriel Ryon is an author of middle grade fiction. She spent her childhood with her nose in a book, reading in restaurants, on the school bus, and during every family vacation. Her upbringing in a mixed-heritage military family inspires much of her writing about that wonderfully complicated time between childhood and adulthood. Also a nurse, she lives in the magical New Mexico desert with her husband and two daughters. Her debut middle grade novel, INTO THE TALL, TALL GRASS is coming from Margaret K. McElderry on April 7th, 2020. 

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Vicky Skinner

Vicky Skinner was born and raised in Texas, where she started writing novels about kissing cute boys when she was fifteen and eventually earned a BA in Literary Studies from The University of Texas at Dallas. She’s a full-time writer, a part-time runner, and she currently lives in Dallas with her husband.

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Liara Tamani

Liara Tamani lives in Houston, Texas. She holds an MFA in writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She is the author of the acclaimed young adult novels Calling My Name, a 2018 PEN America Literary Award Finalist and SCBWI Golden Kite Finalist, and All the Things We Never Knew, a 2020 Kirkus Best YA Book of the Year. Before becoming a writer, she attended Harvard Law School and worked as a marketing coordinator for the Houston Rockets & Comets, production assistant for Girlfriends (TV show), home accessories designer, floral designer, and yoga and dance teacher.  Find out more at https://www.liaratamani.com/

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Cody Wagner

Cody Wagner loves to sing, mime (not really), and create. He writes about topics ranging from superpowers to literate trees (really). His trilogy, The Gay Teen’s Guide to Defeating a Siren, is now available. He’s handing out cookie dough to everyone who grabs a copy. Check out his writing and see more of his wackiness at www.wagner-writer.com or follow him on Twitter @cfjwagner and Goodreads at www.goodreads.com/wagner_writer or at http://www.wagner-writer.com

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Becky Wallace

Becky Wallace is the award-winning author of THE STORYSPINNER and THE SKYLIGHTER. STEALING HOME is her first YA contemporary novel. She’s a sucker for slow-burn romances, near-miss kisses, and ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Becky worked for a minor league baseball team and as an editor of a sports marketing magazine before settling down in Houston, Texas, with her husband, four children, and one very fluffy puppy. If she’s not writing, you’ll find her baking sweet treats or pretending she’s still a competitive ballroom dancer.  Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @BeckyWallace1 or at http://beckywallacebooks.com/